lunes, 24 de octubre de 2016


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I am Timothy, a boy with 8 years old, and I live in a big house with Mom and aunt Jean, I love my house because there is a parc crossing the street and I can play with my best friend Zander, who basically is poorer than me. But, I do not care about it, I do not judge anyone by his pocket.
This morning I woke up concerned about my friend  Zander, because, lately Zander was wearing a hideous blue glasses at school, and everyone was bullying him about it.  Actually I do not know what to do, or what I will do. What could be happen if the others looking at me as a target, and then, they will start bullying me too, because of Zander. But, Mom always said, a friend is a friend and that relationship, would be everlasting. God, please not let them see me when I am near Zander, I do not want to be beat it by them. I definitely hate Zander’s parents for buying him these horrible glasses. Why the parents do not think what they do to their children.  I just want zander be normal and continue being his friend.
Resultado de imagen para kids bullying
Zander definitely need help, and I was determinate to be the hero. New mission, destroy the glasses, but zander does not need to know who will be his saver, that is why, I have to be careful. My first try seemed to be successful, I stole their blue glasses in break time and I ran quickly to hiding in somewhere, I though the school will have more places where one can hide something but bloody help, was more difficult than hide me from Mom when is bath time. Finally, I found a perfect place, under the teacher’s desk.  Zander, however, was concerned because their parents had already told him not to miss the glasses or it could be negative consequences. So, Zander told the teacher, and the teacher start asking all, if someone have taken the Zander’s glasses and nobody answers. But, the next morning  the teacher have found the glasses and Zander was not happy because their parents beated him. I felt strange, this kind of emotion that I never had, now was entirely covered my chest  and worst Zander had again their stupid glasses and was beaten because of them, now for the bulliers. Mom also says the devil is around us, and we do not have to be weak or the devil carry us to sink. I do not what does mean, but those blue glasses were the devil. So, I am still in my mission.  
How stupid I was, three days ago, my aunt Jean was fighting with her blue high-heels, I heard her saying these dawn blue heels, why I bought them blue, they are useless if I wear them, it will be my end. Then, I comprehend that the guilty was the color blue on it. I just have to paint the Zander’s glasses, and anyone will beat him again or maybe me. I went to school decided to paint the blue glasses with the black paint-s my aunt Jean has in her suitcase. and I did. I thought, finally I can  spent the break time with Zander, but most important without risk to suffer bullying. Zander liked the idea, of having black glasses, and he was walking alone the last week, so, I can understand how desperate he was to play with a good friend like me. Actually in those days, nobody wanted to be near Zander.
The happiness comeback and I could say Zander was back on the play too. We spent a lot of time, running, crying, playing to the cowboys, finally, the sky was blue, but nice one. Zander run, Zander, those were my last words when I saw the big guys coming to us. I was always  the faster one, and for the unlucky Zander he fell down. I hid from them I saw the unlucky Zander speechless stay there looking at me, and how his kind eyes were appealing for help. I do not feel bad. I just want to be unharmed. In any case,  that is make me a bad friend, where I am, I can even say nothing to Mom. what kind of person I have become.  
Two weeks have gone, and I have never come across Zander again. I hope that it remains like that. I could watch his face never again.  

sábado, 13 de agosto de 2016


HI JUAN, I was thinking so much about you, and the things you will do in your future, because of your parent's death. I didn't expect your parents will die so soon. I apologize because of it. I doubtless know what are you feeling, But, certainly I know you very well and also all your doubts. and I beg you to think everything seriously, whatever decistion you want to take. I remember you hate the black color as well as I do, and the only color you propbably see is that color. however yhe colors will appeare one by one. and I also know because you were there what a friend of us told us: the die it is not the end the buddisth's rule say that nothing really die but it chage into something. 

Today I want to give you forces, to encourage to live, do not forget what we had done, and in which place we want to stay later later. Do not think this is easy for me, I feel  all of you. Maybe and according to what I saw in your thougths, be prepare for the future and face all the circustances with proud and fearless. I love you so much, all what you are, not you self-inner. 

write me back soon



jueves, 9 de junio de 2016



Hi family! Today I want to share my feelings for you, I have passed around 23 years near you, and I have lived and learned many things from that experience. Firstly, I dare say you, I love you, whatever happen always you will be in my heart. Secondly, I have had some beautiful time with you. Thirdly, you have supported me many times, in many ways, economically, emotionally, motivating me, and so on. But, unfortunately, I have a terrible feeling here in my heart, that I won't feel. That is why I wrote this letter.  

Some of you, however, will be worryless about it, others angry, or concerned. I want to say you all these words, I do not expect you feel pity for me or guilty, this is not the idea. I just want to express to sort it out everything I get very deep in a dark hole. I think some of you have a strong bad feel about me, about what I am, or where I go. Just do not be care about it I invited you to feel good today, to make yourself free about what you have inside your heart. I know some of you always say me what do you think about me, without hesitation. But some actions do not reflect what you really try to say to me.  On the other hand, my uncle Javier has been the epicenter of this feel, I do not feel anything about him, for me it is good seeing him dead, or alive. I do not care, or if he has a job or not. I do not consider as a family, he is an strange to me. Everything, he made is done, including his last actions. He is like a serpent with a lethal poison and the serpents die cutting his head. So, the day I can cut his head, I will do. When I say cut his head, I refer to take him apart of me. I saw how he treated my father, how he ignored him, how my father had to beg him to ask about something. I want to the take of my feel about him out. He does not desert my feeling, whether bad nor good.  You devil, some day you will return to the hell you belong, or if you are good inside you did not show me that. And please stop whispering others, things against me.

In spite of everything, others have to try to help me under many circumstances. Like my cousin Albenis, my aunts Yolanda, Norma, my dad, my Mom, my another  Mom, my others cousins, my siblings, and my uncle Roberto. I will always appreciate what you have done and you will continue doing.

Your sincerely,

Juan Barrera Saldaña

viernes, 6 de mayo de 2016


I think it was so rough on me, haven’t written something from you. But I actually haven’t something interesting to share with you. That is why, I gonna change my themes of these blog. I write something that I like the most. For someone could be boring but for another interesting. So ANIME will be my new defiance. I will talk about those I have already seen and those I am watching.
Kuroko no basket.
yes, kuroko no basket is the new anime I watching right now. I'am going for the episode 3 first season.
The anime has everything you can get for a sport anime. Firstly, it is on youtube, mostly anime are difficult to find them, but thanks God we’ve youtube nowadays, just with a simple click and that is. And it is completely available on internet, just looking for it. I was floating around internet and appeared suddenly this version. Secondly, these anime have that I look in a anime, a character who think to do whatever he needs for success in the basketball word and became into the best one of all japan. Finally, you can feel the passion, the players always look forwards more and more, and that is magnific. Definitely,  I think this anime will be part of my life like the others.  
Kuroko's Basketball arrived as one of the new animes of sports. is full of entertainment, especially for them how love anime. Although there are many sports animes but very few talk about Basketball; Kuroko uses the same action plan we've seen in other sports anime "weak team with new powerful players try to achieve glory against other stronger teams" The difference is the way they have things I must say, is quite entertaining. One of the things that highlight of Kuroko's Basketball is having good knowledge about the rules and the behavior of a party in real life. In fact, if you know nothing about basketball action can flow without being issues going on. If you know the rules, plays and even signs of this sport you will notice that meet very good shape combining fantastic part with the real. I hope this will not be the end of Kuroko’s basket.

miércoles, 30 de marzo de 2016


voy  a escribir esta entra en español mi lengua materna. primero que todo tuve la idea de crear un blog para mejor mi escritura, pero aparentemente mis resultados han sido catastróficos. Bueno, aquí estoy de nuevo intentando cambiarlo. nadie debe quedarse atrás. y ayer tuve un sueño, un sueño acerca del futuro, verán era como si mi yo actual viaja al futuro y al momento de preguntar por mi mismo me dijeron. haaaaa. Juan Barrera es uno de los mejores escritores de la época. y básicamente eso fue lo que entendí. tal vez sea un mensaje del destino. de que deba escribir. 
Así que, queridos amigos. esa sera mi meta a corto mediano y largo plazo acerca de la escritura esta. ninguno es perfecto pero debo mejor bastante. y dejar tantas imperfecciones de lado. si tienen algún consejo para mi acerca de lo que podría hacer. serias bien recibidos. verán que mi sueño se puede hacer realidad , pero mas importante yo podre verlo. Ahora, deben ignorar todas mis entradas anteriores, son muy tediosas no todas solo algunas y estableceré solo un idioma. la idea de escribir en muchos idiomas me agobia y me frustra. sabrán de mi muy pronto see y'all

lunes, 7 de marzo de 2016


today my couisin was completly hippy because finally the UNE internet has fixed the MB internet. and he decided to watch a movie in computer laptop connect to the HD enter in television and the he got the idea to invite me to see the movie with him. I was doing my homework. I am not saying he is gulty but come on I cannot resist watch a movie with an interesting information. So, we decided to watch "ROOM" here are some picture of it. you can figure it out what it is about.    talking about my personal experience I cry. yes, as it sounds I cry like a baby. hehehehe. I don't want to tell you anything about it, but is a good movie I cannot imagen my life without have seen such as marvellous adaptation. various aspects were traited,  from the psicologys consequences of being closed without contact with the external world to the desire to live and connections with the person there. in this case the mother and her son.  I have nothing more to say except that it was worth spend that time with my cousin. Then, I went to do my homework. see y'all.

jueves, 3 de marzo de 2016

start to write again

this picture took it from represent a feel that covered me last week.

Hallo my readers, it was very mean of me not to write again, especially because I love writing. This is an interesting matter, because I was discussing this with a classmate whose name is Nicolay, and he told me that he loves write too. But, there is a point in which you realize you seem not to be born for this wonderful process of communication.  I dare say, my new English teacher is very smart when we are talking about writing. She is a genius, and is the kind of person that is constantly pushing you to the river in order to you can get deeper no matter if you be able to swim or not. Ow! I needed a breath, and I thought, why not? What could happen? Maybe could be an interesting defiance.  The thing is, the last week we suppose to write a paragraph, I am thought that had put all on it. I was wrong when she said nothing positive about my paragraph, yes, I felt horrible and I disappointed, not for her procedure but for me. That was… I even cannot find a word to describe such as action. Now, I say to me, you are not putting enough effort to it, you need more and more, and do it over and over again. And I will try to apply everything that I can just for feel peace in my conscious. So, I will be write soon to tell you how it is going. See y’all. Bye